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What is AgriHackathon?

AgriHackathon wants to be the largest gathering to create dialogues, and accelerate innovations in agriculture.
The AgriHackathon has been organized by Tanzania Conservation Voices and with HubZine Italia, Climate Social Forum , BRIDGES OF HOPE SWALIGA FOUNDATION., GCSAYN Italy and The Polly Foundation.



A global Challenge

With ‘s expanding population, global climate change, and the current uncertain situation, the future of agriculture holds the opportunities and power to reshape our lives.
The most important stakeholders from industries and government alongside ‘s young bright minds, creative startups, and smart innovators will build new, fast, and frugal solutions to tackle the big questions we’re facing today at this national-level hackathon.

Do you want to propose an AgriHackathon?

We are bringing together fresh perspectives, disruptive approaches, and cutting-edge research and knowledge. We believe in collaborative impact.
AgriHackathon is held in online and thus invites collaboration and participation from across the country and intersectional industries.

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