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AgriHackathon Kenya



“Mark your calendars for 25th – 28th January! AgriHackathon Kenya is here to sow the seeds of change in agriculture. Ready to hack the future of farming? 🚜🌐 #AgriHackathon #FarmingInnovation


  1. Foster Innovation

To provide a creative space for agricultural enthusiasts, entrepreneurs, and tech innovators to collaborate and develop groundbreaking solutions for challenges faced by the agricultural sector.

  1. Knowledge Exchange

To facilitate the exchange of ideas, expertise, and best practices among participants, promoting cross-disciplinary collaboration and learning.

  1. Promote Sustainable Agriculture

To encourage the development of solutions that contribute to sustainable farming practices, resource optimization, and environmental conservation.

  1. Empower farmers

To develop tools and technologies that empower farmers with actionable insights, enhance productivity, and improve the overall efficiency of agricultural processes.

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Format and Structure

AgriHackathon Kenya will be structured as a competition event spanning five days (25th- 28th January).

The format will include;

  • Hackathon sessions
  • Webinars on already successful case studies
  • Pitching and Evaluation
  • Connecting innovators to mentors


A. Eligibility 

1. Students studying at any Kenyan university university/ institute 
2. Start-ups, farmers, and professionals/ employed individuals 
3. Solo founders, entrepreneurs, farmers, and other individuals 

  • Youthful enthusiasts 
  • Target community


Ideas – University Clubs

NGO’s and tech experts

Unskilled farmers