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AgriHackathon is accompained by a vibrant community
of young leader, innovators event in the field of climate smart agriculture

SIDE EVENT FAO Science and Business forum
13th 14.30 CET (13.30 UTC)

Opportunities for youth on a Climate Smart Agriculture and Agri 2.0 future

The event will gather expert speakers, young innovators and farmers in the common virtual agorà of the Climate Social Forum . The goal is to explore strategies suggestions and innovations to implement in practices opportunities for a climate smart and innovative agriculture especially for youth in the most vulnerable communities of the world. The session will consist in a first a panel of relevant speaker on the to topics of CSA, Youths and Agri 4.0 and then in a facilitated session of virtual Talanoa dialogue in order to engage participants in making suggestions and propose ideas in a proactive way

04-05 May 2023 – HybRID: Rome, ItaLy and Zoom

Participation to GACSA Forum 2023

We presented our AgriHackathon at GACSA Forum 2023.
Here our Winner of the first edition Josphat Mokaya has showed his solution