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AgriHackathon: CCC solutions unveiled

To unfold incredible problems in agricultural sector and deliver significant innovative solutions  from the biggest names to the most exciting startups, from learning, innovating to pitching, 

AgriHackathon will unfold incredible things in a never-before  experience with the CCC approach that is Create, Connect, Collaborate


Got an idea to solve the big problems in agriculture? Welcome, you belong here! AgriHackathon will be a digital pool of the most exciting, innovative, and futuristic ideas to address the pressing issues with new-age technology.


Not just startups, students & youth, but even the giants from the industry, the world’s leading companies, financial institutions and policy-makers everyone will be here!


And the best part — each one is building solutions, asking big questions, and learning. You will  meet the best of the best people changing the agriculture, business and technology landscape